Thursday, March 4, 2010

definition: Crumdiginly

-adverb [root: Crumdigin - noun]
1. To act like a Crumdigin.
2. A derogatory phrase that denotes one is acting especially ass like. It makes reference to the racial/socio-economic group the Crumdigins that at one time were well known for storming into bars after many days without bathing - not to drink - but to proselytize their own interpretations of the religion Christianity. This involved performing convoluted passion plays that made little reference to the Gospels, and often ended in at least one of the Crumdigins shitting on a table [this seems to be based on a misinterpretation they've made of the Gospels]. They were/are less liked than gypsies and often thrown out of towns they attempt to settle in. The first sign that Crumdigins have moved to one's town will be yellow stoplights painted black. They have a supernatural fear of the color yellow. Especially when combined with electricity. It is uncertain whether any groups of Crumdigins exist in modern day.