Thursday, March 18, 2010

definition: Heroinephilia

1. A mental disorder where one is in love with, or primarily attracted to, fictional female persons. The most famous case of the disorder was Walter K. Philmore. He self-diagnoised himself with the disorder and purchased a large library of works that featured wonderful female characters. He thought he was condemned to a lonely life of reading, until he began receiving teasing (and later erotic) short fiction in the mail that featured himself involved with a woman named Elizabeth Talbet. Eventually they would marry (first in a short story, and later in actuality). Their relationship was primarily through fiction (this survives today as the collected works of Elizabeth Talbet). It is unclear how much physical interaction the couple had, but the literature - at least - suggests they were close and deeply in love.


D said...

I prefer to think of it as heroine addiction.

Great, now I spent half an hour I will never get back trying to find where I first heard of that. But your thing was awesome. Oh, I finally looked up 'pataphysics on Wikipedia, too - great stuff!